The future leadership of your company does not feel like it is being seen, heard, or valued at work.

Take a look at your current middle management….
Then take a click down at the people they manage. It’s likely that they will be a combination of Millennials and Gen Z. Globally this is 50% of the working population….23% Millennial + 27% Gen Z.

*”60% of Gen Z’s say they are merely surviving or flat-out struggling. Gen Z also reported more difficulty feeling engaged or excited about work, getting a word in during meetings, and bringing new ideas to the table when compared to other generations.

Our 1:1 Coaching focuses on supporting and developing human potential at work

We acknowledge pain points and limiting beliefs. Understand the individual’s personal vision & aspiration. Help develop their true potential and true selves. Empower them to be seen, heard and valued.

The output is emotionally strong committed leaders, Driven with positive energy, and skilled in creating psychological safety. Future leaders who achieve great things by leveraging kindness, gratitude, resilience, and momentum.


“65% of employees do not believe their senior leadership takes proactive steps to create a kind workplace culture.”

To thrive, people need positive energy. To function, they need a sharp vision and to know their contribution matters. To succeed, they need psychological safety and engaged, committed leaders.

Working with Leadership, we take stock and join the dots on purpose, people and outcomes. By closing these gaps, we reduce friction and confusion that slows companies down. This alignment allows companies to refocus on potential and growth

1. Kick- off

A strategic and diagnostic health check, to assess the alignment of your values within your organisation.

2. Feedback

We present the diagnostics back with recommendations for ways to bridge The Kindness Gap™

3. Co-Create

An action plan for the organisation focusing on Kindness KPI’s & results.


Builds: Strong Engaged Leadership Pipeline & Legacy

Inspires: Wellbeing & Trust + Teamwork

Fuels: Productivity + Innovation + Creativity + Retention

Delivers: Powerful and achievable quadruple Bottom Line


A recent global survey of 9,000 knowledge workers, found that 90% of middle management were not getting sufficient support compared to executives and individual workers, and 40% struggled with their workloads.

A company’s future success will be grounded in the balance between productivity and well-being across teams in an organisation.

The 1: Many Program supports small teams to create a self-sufficiency mindset and promote self-reliance. The easy-access program enables them to develop and walk away with the following skills